Japanese Professional Ryoba Saws

Japanese Professional Ryoba Saws

  • Ripping and crosscut teeth produce a clean cut surface
  • Blade centre thinner than edges preventing binding in a deep cut
  • Suit the vast majority of tasks
Blade Length
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Carefully selected for us by a famous Japanese carpenter. The blades of these particular saws are held securely in the wrapped handle by a simple screw. One edge has teeth for ripping, with smaller teeth near the handle to use when starting the cut, before bringing the full effective edge to bear on the workpiece. The other edge has crosscut teeth which produce a wonderfully clean cut surface. The centre of the blade is scraped to be thinner than the edges to prevent binding in a deep cut. Every blade is checked and hand finished before leaving the manufacturer. These saws are made for the professional Japanese market so there is no compromise on quality.-bg

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