Axminster Trade Clamps Forged G Clamp
Axminster Trade Clamps Forged G Clamp
Axminster Trade Clamps Forged G Clamp
Axminster Trade Clamps Forged G Clamp

Axminster Trade Clamps Forged G Clamp

  • Forged, spring-tempered steel, immensely strong
  • Unbreakable even if dropped on the workshop floor
  • Hard chrome-plated for protection against corrosion
  • Machined and hardened Acme thread
  • Fast adjustment, high loading capacity
  • For woodwork, engineering and fabrication or welding
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • 50 mm x 50 mm - 620Kg max clamping pressure
  • 100 mm x 60 mm - 780Kg max clamping pressure
  • 150 mm x 75 mm - 900Kg max clamping pressure
Clamping Capacity x Throat


Forged steel has many advantages over cast iron. Weight for weight a forged steel clamp is far stronger than one that is cast or machined because the grain is continuous throughout the structure, following the shape of the cramp. Hot forged steel is also not work hardened, allowing a more controlled hardening process to be used. The forging process used to make the Axminster Trade clamps uses an induction heating process, then a combination of dies and pressings to create the required shape with a very high degree of accuracy. Induction heating can target an area that needs its shape changed, such as a bend or the integral end pad. The heated metal is then die forged to create the curve or shape required. The strength and reliability of a forged steel cramp gives it the ability to exert the maximum clamping pressure time after time, with no misalignment of the frame. Too much leverage applied to a drop forged, cast clamp will cause frame distortion beyond repair, which is an all too common site in many workshops. This Axminster forged clamp is ideally suited to many applications in woodworking, engineering and fabrication or welding. The main part of the clamp is hard chrome plated for protection against corrosion. The machined and hardened Acme thread is quick to adjust and has a high loading capacity. A tommy bar allows force to be applied without difficulty and a swivelling shoe permits cramping of slightly tapered pieces. These clamps come with a Lifetime Guarantee, should they fail at any time due to a material or manufacturing defect we will replace them free of charge.-bg

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