Axminster Trade Clamps Reversible F...

Axminster Trade Clamps Reversible F Clamp 200 x 80mm

  • Double function: clamping or spreading, 125kg max pressure
  • Swivelling handle helps apply maximum load
  • Drop forged arms, 80mm throat




These Axminster Trade Clamps are reversible offering you two functions as a standard or a spreader clamp. Undoing a simple cap-head screw allows you to reverse the heads. The name 'spreader' is a little misleading, giving the impression of only pushing things apart. In reality, they are good for holding parts in position whilst using other clamps or with one face placed on a wall pushing against something. The handle swivels through 90°, allowing you to apply additional pressure, making it easier to operate when reversed and to turn it in restricted spaces. Additionally, it allows you to ‘park’ the handle out of the way. The Axminster Trade Reversible F clamps have hardened Acme threads for positive, smooth loading. Both jaws feature glue resistant, plastic caps to protect your work. The sliding arm features a patented Anti-Slip System to hold the arm anywhere on the rail, preventing it from slipping away whilst applying load. These clamps come with a Lifetime Guarantee; should they fail at any time due to a material or manufacturing defect we will replace them free of charge.-bg

Подробности за продукта

Clamping Pressure
125 kg

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