Plano Professional Glue Press Clamp -...
Plano Professional Glue Press Clamp -...
Plano Professional Glue Press Clamp -...
Plano Professional Glue Press Clamp -...
Plano Professional Glue Press Clamp -...
Plano Professional Glue Press Clamp -...

Plano Professional Glue Press Clamp - PACKAGE DEAL

  • Vertical mounting
  • Boards can be loaded one at a time
  • Applies pressure vertically and clamp side force together to produce lateral pressure
  • 1,250mm maximum clamping height, 120mm maximum clamping width
  • 1m guide rails can easily be linked together
  • Anodised aluminium and galvanised steel construction
  • 3 way clamping action
Clamping Capacity
Кредитен модул TBI Bank 19.68

Само за 61.09 лв. на месец


Two age old problems associated with gluing up panels are the amount of space required when using traditional sash clamps and the tendency of the panel to distort under the weight of the clamps. With the aid of some very clever design work the Plano Panel Clamping system has managed to eliminate both of these problems. Because the press is set vertically along a wall with a guide rail to hold the clamps in position, the whole assembly takes up less space and the weight of the clamps is no longer a problem. An added convenience of the vertical mounting is that the boards can be loaded one at a time onto the adjustable lower holder and carefully positioned prior to clamping. When full, the upper free locking device is fastened and the handwheel tightened, not only applying pressure vertically, but also forcing the two sides of the clamp together to produce lateral pressure. The result is a much stronger joint with all the timber exactly centred. The maximum clamping height available is 1,250mm and maximum clamping width is 120mm. The length is limited only by the length of wall space available, each guide rail being 1 metre long and easily linked together. The number of press units required will vary depending upon the type and size of timber used. Made of anodised aluminium and galvanised steel. This package comprises 1 x 1,000mm rail and either 2 or 3 clamps in your selected size.-bg

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