Keson Pro-Line Chalk Reel

Keson Pro-Line Chalk Reel

  • Robust ABS-case
  • 30m(100') of strong cotton/polyester line
  • Includes 113g(4oz) bottle of chalk
  • Pear-shaped case for use as a plumb bob
  • Self-sealing grommet for spill-free refills
  • Internal felt wiper ensures correct amount of chalk on the line
  • Manufactured in the USA


An ABS-cased chalk line supplied with 30m(100') of cotton line and a 113g(4oz) bottle of chalk. The tough case is pear shaped for use as an occasional plumb bob. It features a self-sealing grommet for spill-free refills. An internal felt wiper ensures the correct amount of chalk on the line each time for accurate lines every time. This line is a thin multi-material (cotton and polyethylene) mix for increased strength. A cost effective chalk line reel, manufactured in the USA.-bg

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