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Multi-Sharp Rotary Mower Sharpener

17,00 лв.
Online exclusiveResharpens rotary mower blades to the correct angle in minutesSharp blades give a clean cut and are healthier for the grassNo need to remove blade from the mowerReversible, aluminium oxide grinding wheelAlso re-edges and resharpens hoes,lawn-edgers,spades,axesFits any power drill-bg
Multi-Sharp 4 in 1 Garden... Multi-Sharp 4 in 1 Garden... 2
Garden Tool Sharpeners-bg

Multi-Sharp 4 in 1 Garden Tool Sharpener

21,00 лв.
Online exclusiveSharpens scythes, grass hooks, weed knives, pruning knivesPuts a sharp edge on straight edge loppers, kitchen knives and pocket knivesSimply place the guard over the cutting edge and draw the sharpener across the bladeDiamond-honed tungsten carbide cutters produce an extremely sharp edge in minutesWARNING: - Not suitable for scalloped or...
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