Ренде Detail Rebate Veritas


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Ренде Detail Rebate Veritas Expand

  • Ideal for cleaning up narrow grooves and dadoes
  • Useful for small trimming tasks and planning in tight spaces
  • Accurately machined and ground with sides are flat and square
  • Ingenious shavings deflector helps minimise mouth choking
  • Solid brass, one-piece lever cap/palm rest holds the full-width blade in place
  • Lapped O-1 tool steel blade
  • Made in Canada

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121,02 лв

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As an addition to the Veritas range of shoulder planes, the detail rebate plane is primarily useful for small trimming tasks. It is handy for getting into tight spaces, especially cleaning up the bottom of dados or grooves. The plane’s body is ductile cast iron, 75mm long, accurately machined and ground. The sides are flat and square, allowing you to use the plane on its side for trimming tenons.


Plane Sole Length75mm (3")


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Ренде Detail Rebate Veritas

Ренде Detail Rebate Veritas

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