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    Mirka Abranet Ace Abrasive Discs 55mm

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    • An incredibly efficient long lasting abrasive
    • Open mesh design eliminates clogging
    • Dust-free sanding when used with extraction
    • 55mm diameter with hook and loop backing
    • A genuine, all purpose abrasive for almost all surfaces
    • Fast sanding action for higher production
    Abrasive Grit


    Abranet® Ace has been developed for those tougher and more demanding sanding applications. Due to its optimised net construction and ceramic grit, Abranet® Ace offers superior cutting performance on hard wood (for example, beech and oak) as well as fast cutting on various solid surface materials. Abranet® Ace is also excellent for all paint sanding applications, with optimal performance and an enhanced disc life. Diameter 55mm; supplied in boxes of 50 discs.-bg

    Подробности за продукта

    Абразивна подложка
    Mesh and Hook and loop
    Абразивен материал
    Тип абразив
    Диаметър на абразивния диск
    55 mm

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