Axminster Engineer Series Runmaster 330 x 1000 Lathe

17 490,00 лв.
  • Precision floor standing lathe built to a very high standard
  • 2-axis DRO display system included
  • Deeply webbed, cast iron bed with ground, induction hardened slideways
  • 16 speeds 35-2,000 rpm (415V)
  • Large taper roller spindle bearings for precision running
  • 3mm leadscrew with a choice of 32 ratios in metric graduations
  • A range of accessories included as standard

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This is a high speed precision lathe built to a very high standard and based around a deep webbed, cast iron bed with ground, induction hardened slideways providing great rigidity and strength. It is powered by a 2.2kW(415V) motor driving a headstock gearbox providing 16 speeds, 35-2000 rpm through hardened gears. The spindle is carried on large taper roller bearings, has a D1-4 chuck mount and has a 38mm through bore with a 5MT in the nose. A very rigid carriage has power drive on the compound axis and is fitted with a 4-way tool post that can take tooling up to 16mm in size. The leadscrew pitch is 3mm and is driven by a gear box offering a choice of 32 ratios for general turning, and is easily reversible. The change wheel set provided offers a good range of thread cutting choices, 26 metric, 0.4-7mm pitch and 34 imperial, 4-56tpi. A thread dial indicator with 3 ratios is provided to assist in re-engaging the leadscrew in the correct position. There is a 2-axis DRO system included, featuring metric and imperial displays and linear compensation to enable a totally accurate measurement. The tailstock has a quick action camlock, a taper turning transverse adjustment, a fine pitch leadscrew for the barrel and a 4MT bore. The machine has 24V switch gear, a chuck guard interlock switch and a foot operated brake for safe operation. It comes with a large range of standard accessories including work lamp, rear splash back guard, cabinet stand with lockable cupboard, change wheel set, coolant pump and equipment, 150mm 3-jaw chuck with internal and external jaws, 200mm 4-jaw independent chuck, 250mm faceplate, live and dead centres, 5-3MT reduction sleeve, travelling steady, fixed steady and a toolbox with comprehensive tool kit plus spare brake shoes and operating cable. This machine is very suitable for educational establishments, maintenance workshops and small production workshops, and will prove to be a pleasure to use. N.B. Will require a 16A supply. Please note, due to the complex nature and set up requirements of these machines, we strongly advise that they are installed by AT & M engineers, please contact the Axminster Business Services Team, 0800 371822 or for quotations on supply, delivery and installation.-bg

Подробности за продукта

Cross Slide Travel
165 mm
Runmaster 330RR X 1000
Thread Pitch Range
0.4 mm - 7.0 mm (26 Pitches) / 4 tpi - 56 tpi (34 Pitches)
Headstock Taper
5 MT
Overall L x W x H
1,940 mm x 755 mm x 1,238 mm
Plug Fitted
UK 16A Plug
Leadscrew Pitch
3 mm
Spindle Bore
38 mm
Centre Height
166 mm
Tailstock Taper
4 MT
Distance Between Centres
1,000 mm
Nett Weight
610 kg
Top Slide Travel
165 mm
Height Over Cross Slide
99 mm
2.2 kW
Max Diameter over Bed
330 mm
415 V
Spindle Speed
35 - 2,000 rpm (16)


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