Bosch GCM 8 SJL 216mm Slide Mitre Saw...
Bosch GCM 8 SJL 216mm Slide Mitre Saw...
Bosch GCM 8 SJL 216mm Slide Mitre Saw...
Bosch GCM 8 SJL 216mm Slide Mitre Saw...
Bosch GCM 8 SJL 216mm Slide Mitre Saw...

Bosch GCM 8 SJL 216mm Slide Mitre Saw and GTA 2600 Stand - PACKAGE

  • Large cutting capacity with precision laser (70 x 312mm at 90°)
  • Simple, quick and exact set-up
  • Crosscut, mitre/bevel or compound cutting
  • Rebate and groove depth stop
  • Mitre set from front scale, quick set indents, adjustable and front locking
  • Bevel set and locked via side lock lever, common angle turret stop
  • Braked 1,600W soft start motor, two-point dust extraction outlet
  • Fitted with a laser, the cut line is always sharp and clear
  • Table has intergrated side fences that pull out to aid work support
  • Top carry handle for easy transport
  • Supplied with 48T TCT blade
  • 3 year warranty available (registration required)
  • Fully adjustable work supports for supporting timber left and right
  • Easily folds for transport and storage
  • Supplied with 2 tool clamps
  • Stand length (supports closed) 1,220mm, extended 2,630mm
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Само за 106.19 лв. на месец


A total workstation - GCM 8 SJL Mitre Saw and GTA 2600 Adjustable Stand The powerful GCM8SJL slide saw gives precise cutting, has a large capacity and is simple to set up making it suitable for a host of cutting tasks for the professional and home user alike. With a cut of 70 x 312mm at 90°, it has one of the largest cutting capacities of any 216mm 8" saw on the market. Bosch have ensured that every aspect, from set up to cut, is quick, simple and exact. It can be used to crosscut, mitre/bevel or make compound cuts, rebate and groove at a consistent depth. It can also crosscut with a -2° undercut facility. Mitre angles are easily set from front locking arm, use the embossed stainless steel scale with indents for quick setting of common angles (override for extra adjustment). Bevels are set by the accessible side lock lever with a quick turret stop for common 22.5°, 33.9° and 45° angles. Fitted with a laser, the cut line is always sharp and clear. The braked soft start motor ensures a smooth consistent power whilst dust extraction is designed from two points, one of which travels with the sliding head to maximise waste collected via your extractor. The table has integrated side fences that pull out to aid work support. A top handle is fitted so that the machine can be carried easily. Supplied with 48T TCT blade for clean cutting. Input Power: 230V = 1,600W 110V = 1,250W The sturdy GTA2600 folding stand has adjustable work supports, left and right, which are both height adjustable and extendable for length for total work support. The legs have rubber end caps (one adjustable for uneven floors); legs are locked into position in use and can be folded easily for transport. It is supplied with 2 tool clamps and these, once fitted to your machine, clamp simply to the stand with a safety lock.-bg

Подробности за продукта

Blade Diameter
216 mm
Max Compound Cut @ 45º W x H
214 mm x 48 mm
Sound Pressure Level [Uncertainty K]
99 dB(A) [3.0 dB]
Spindle Lock
Standard Feature
Max Crosscut @ 0º W x H
312 mm x 70 mm
Electric Brake
Standard Feature
Max Bevel Cut @ 45º W x H
312 mm x 48 mm
Sound Power Level [Uncertainty K]
112 dB(A) [3.0 dB]
Bore Size
30 mm
Motor Power
1,600 W - (230 V) - 1,250 W - (110 V)
17 kg
Vibration Cutting Wood [Uncertainty K]
2.5 m/s² [1.5 m/s²]
Bevel Angle Range
47° - 0 - 2°
Max Mitre Cut @ 45º W x H
214 mm x 70 mm
Mitre Angle Range
52° - 0 - 60°

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