Axminster Engineer Series X6323B Turret Mill

15 900,00 лв.
  • For the larger engineering workshop or small scale production facility
  • Variable speed spindle drive
  • Choice of either ISO30, ISO40 or R8 spindles (choose when purchasing)
  • Auto quill feeds - 0.40, 0.08 and 0.15mm/rev
  • X axis powerfeed
  • Spindle ram travel - 312mm
  • Vertical travel - 400mm
  • Fully universal pivoting and swivelling head
  • Electrically interlocked chuck guard
  • Central slide oiling system
  • Optional Y Axis powerfeed available (fitting charge will apply)
Spindle Nose

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An excellent mill, designed to be used all day, everyday. This is a well specified turret milling machine suited to the small production workshop or engineering facility. It features as standard variable spindle speeds, 3-axis digital read-out (DRO), X and Y axis powerfeed, 3-stage auto quill feed, electrically interlocked chuck guard and your choice of ISO30, ISO40 or R8 spindles. This machine is mainly manufactured from cast iron which provides great rigidity and stability under maximum loads. Ground and hardened slideways guarantee accuracy and are adjustable to accommodate any settling in or wear. The ability to swivel the headstock over 90° and pivot it through 45° gives great flexibility in use. The standard 3-axis DRO makes it much easier to machine to a high level of accuracy. The power driven table through both axis guarantees a high standard of finish to your work. This coupled with the variable spindle speed and a choice of ISO30 , ISO40 or traditional R8 tooling all adds up to a very comprehensive machine, great value for the engineering tuition environment or small production workshop. Please note, due to the complex nature and setup requirements of these machines, we strongly advise that they are installed by AT & M engineers, please contact the Axminster Business Services Team, 0800 371822 or for quotations on supply, delivery and installation.-bg

Подробности за продукта

Distance, Vertical Travel of Table, Z Axis
400 mm
Table Size
1,067 mm x 230 mm
Head Tilt
45° - 0° - 45° Vertically & Horizontally
Lateral Table Movement
305 mm
Ram Swiveling Angle
90° - 0 - 90°
Spindle Speed
65 - 4,500 rpm (Var)
Overall L x W x H
1,600 mm x 2,156 mm x 2,060 mm
Spindle Travel
127 mm
Distance, Spindle To Table Surface, Z Axis
15 mm to 415 mm
Plug Fitted
UK 16A Plug
Head Swivel
415 V
Nose of Spindle to Table [Max]
415 mm
Longitudinal Table Movement
650 mm
Nett Weight
1,000 kg
Spindle Taper
ISO 30,ISO 40
Arm Travel
150 mm
2.2 kW
T Slot Size
16 mm

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