ELBH OBS1 Commercial Downdraft Table

ELBH OBS1 Commercial Downdraft Table

  • A heavy duty commercial grade downdraft table
  • Integral internal fan unit
  • Airflow means very little dust escapes upwards from the workbench
  • Possible to work from all four sides
  • Returns clean filtered air back into the room
  • In-built filtering system
  • 2 drawer trays for easy waste collection
  • Available in two sizes
Surface Area
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Hand and power sanding is one of the major causes of airborne dust in the workshop and is very difficult to contain. The use of vacuum cleaners connected to hand power tools on top of a normal bench restricts their use and so increases the probability that they will not be used and in reality only captures a small percentage of the dust produced, A good downdraught table will collect the majority of the dust before it gets airborne and is a very effective way of improving the working environment. The OBS1 is a heavy duty commercial grade downdraught table designed for everyday use in the busy workshop. It is powered by a 2.2kW 415V 3ph motor driving an internal fan unit. The airflow is 5,000m³/hr, once filtered the clean air is returned to the workshop. Filtration guarantees emission limit values, in terms of indoor operating environments, measured values ​​to 0.5 mg / m3. This airflow means very little dust escapes upwards from the workbench to pass in front of the operative's face. Available in two sizes either 2,485 x 1,000mm extraction surface area or 2,485 x 1,265mm surface area. The larger is suitable for use with 2,440 x 1220mm(8' x 4') sheets.-bg

Подробности за продукта

2.2 kW
Table Size
2,485 mm x 1,000 mm
415 V
Filter Surface Area
9.8 m²
Размери L x W x H
2,485 mm x 1,000 mm (1,265) x 850 mm
Sound Power Level [Uncertainty K]
76 dB(A) [1.5 dB]
Air Movement
5,000 m³/hr

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