Axminster Downdraft Table Kit

93,00 лв.
  • Simple kit of parts to create a downdraft table (box not included)
  • Use this kit to create a small, benchtop table
  • Perfect for use when hand sanding finished items
  • Larger tables can be created using multiple kits
  • Plans for constructing a suitable box included


This kit allows you to create your own downdraft table. You just need to construct a box from 12mm ply or MDF (plans included), add the table plates and dust port to create a small, benchtop table. The finished size will be approximately 620 x 420 x 160mm. You could, of course, build larger tables by purchasing multiple kits. A full set of 64 grommets and four work supports are included with each kit. A suitable extractor is required, either a 1,000m³ typical bag type with a fine filter or a 1,200W vacuum extractor as a minimum.-bg

Подробности за продукта

Air Movement
1,000 m³/hr

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