Sedgwick CP Planer Thicknesser
Sedgwick CP Planer Thicknesser
Sedgwick CP Planer Thicknesser
Sedgwick CP Planer Thicknesser

Sedgwick CP Planer Thicknesser

  • Steel and cast iron construction
  • Built for heavy wear and tear in professional workshops
  • Cast iron tables planed for accuracy and continuity
  • Easily adjusted rigid side fence, adjustable Shaw guards for rebating
  • Separate feed drive motor, three phase options have two feed speeds
  • Braked motor, conveniently located emergency stop switch
  • Available in single phase or three phase
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Solidly built from steel and cast iron by Sedgwick these planer thicknessers are built for the heavy wear and tear encountered in professional workshops. The Sedgwick CP410 planer thicknesser is designed and built for precision, long life and minimum maintenance. Its rigid mainframe assembly (cast iron base, side frames, and fixed outfeed table) gives exceptional stability, and accurately houses the feed and cutter block bearings, and the infeed and thicknessing tables. The cast iron tables fitted to the machines are planed for accuracy and continuity. Unlike many other machines, the planer tables do not have to be removed or tilted when used in the thicknessing mode. For long term accuracy, and to avoid time consuming mode changes, the surfacing tables remain in place when thicknessing, utilising instead a dual function chip collection hood. The thicknessing table is again cast iron and is mounted on a large diameter precision ground pillar to ensure precise and parallel positioning, with an off-centre lock for added rigidity. The thicknessing table is fitted with extension rollers, which run in self-lubricating bushes. Large diameter steel feed rollers (one fluted the other rubber coated) are driven by an industrial geared unit, which on three phase machines has two speeds. The feed rollers run in self-lubricating bushes and are driven from the geared unit by a heavy duty chain for efficient and constant feeding of demanding production work and difficult stock.The machines feature a rigid side fence that can be easily and quickly adjusted for angles and are also supplied with adjustable Shaw guards for rebating. These models have a separate feed drive motor for the thicknesser and the three phase options also have two feed speeds. All the machines feature a braked motor as standard and have a conveniently located emergency stop switch. Available in single phase or three phase. Proudly made in England.-bg

Подробности за продукта

Dust Extraction Outlet
150 mm
Max Thicknessing Capacity
230 mm
Cutterblock Diameter
102 mm
Feed Speed
6 m/min (230 V) 4.5 m/min or 7 m/min (415 V)
Размери L x W x H
1,950 mm x 1,050 mm x 1,275 mm
Max Depth of Cut Planer
1.5 mm
Max Planing Width
410 mm
Cuts per Minute
Минимален дебит на екстрактора
1,500 m³/hr
Cutterblock Speed
4,000 rpm
435 kg
Length of Table
1,700 mm
3.8 kW (230 V) 4.0 kW (415 V)
Max Depth of Cut Thicknesser
3.0 mm
HSS (Resharpenable) x 3


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