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50mm Quick Release Vice
Менгемета за бормашини и фрези за метал

50mm Quick Release Vice

Axminster SIEG
129,00 лв.
Can be used either on Micro Mill or Micro LatheSlots in base for securingNotches in jaws for gripping circular items50mm jaw width, 60 x 95mm base size-bg
Axminster SIEG 4th Axis... Axminster SIEG 4th Axis... 2
Въртящи маси и делителни устройства

Axminster SIEG 4th Axis With 80mm 3 Jaw Chuck

Axminster SIEG
2 990,00 лв.
4th axis system for all SIEG CNC milling machinesEssentially a powered 100mm rotary tableSupplied with 80mm chuck, tailstock, faceplate and centresIt simply plugs into a port already fitted to the machineGives these mills the capability to machine cylindrical objects, direct or indirect dividing, plate processing, radial slotting and cam curving-bg
Axminster SIEG C0 Faceplate Axminster SIEG C0 Faceplate 2

Axminster SIEG C0 Faceplate

Axminster SIEG
30,00 лв.
A 60mm faceplate to replace the chuck3 slots allow clamps to be used to secure items-bg
Axminster SIEG C1 Thread...

Axminster SIEG C1 Thread Cutting Kit

Axminster SIEG
32,00 лв.
Contains seven additional gearsGives the option of a coarser leadscrew feedChoice of five common metric screw thread pitchesPitches are:- 0.5, 0.7, 0.8, 1.0, 1.25mm.-bg
Axminster SIEG SC2 Axminster SIEG SC2 2

Axminster SIEG SC2

Axminster SIEG
49,00 лв.
Eliminates the need for shimmingCutting edge height changed by simply adjusting two clamping screwsEasy to set the cutting edge on or slightly below centre lineExcellent value accessory reduces setup timeExtends the life and usefulness of older lathe tools-bg
Axminster SIEG SC2 Metric...
Thread Cutting-bg

Axminster SIEG SC2 Metric Thread Dial Indicator

Axminster SIEG
27,00 лв.
Axminster SIEG SC2 metric thread dial indicatorAn essential accessory for thread cuttingEnables accurate metric threads to be cutStart each cut on the same spot-bg
Axminster SIEG SC2/SX2... Axminster SIEG SC2/SX2... 2
Digital Read Outs-bg

Axminster SIEG SC2/SX2 Spindle Speed Read-Out

Axminster SIEG
416,00 лв.
Digital read-out of the spindle speedSelf powered, simply plug inMagnets to allow placement where convenientAllows accurate measurement of the spindle speed-bg
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