Leigh Dovetail Jig Cutter Sets
Leigh Dovetail Jig Cutter Sets

Leigh Dovetail Jig Cutter Sets

  • 7, 12 or 16 piece sets available
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The larger cross section (58% more mass) of 8mm shank bits makes them considerably stronger than 1/4" shank bits, resulting in smoother, faster cuts with less chatter and greater safety. Three sets are available: 7 piece set suitable for Super Jigs containing Leigh cutters 50-8, 60-8, 70-8, 75-8, 101-8, 112-8 and 128-8. 12 piece set contains all the cutters in the 7 piece set plus Leigh cutters 90,100, 150,160 and a1/2" - 8mm reduction sleeve (172-8). 16 piece set contains the cutters included in the 12 piece set plus Leigh cutters 80-8,120-8,140-8, and two 1/2"- 8mm reduction sleeves(172-8). N.B.12 and 16 piece sets include 1/2"(12.7mm) shank cutters not suitable for use with the Leigh Super jigs.-bg

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