Челюсти за струг COLOSSUS 150MM

Axminster Woodturning Chucks Axminster Woodturning Chucks


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Челюсти за струг COLOSSUS 150MM Expand
  • Manufactured in Axminster
  • Huge Capacity 150mm
  • Very positive secure grip onto the work piece

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Доставка 14 дни

139,00 лв

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For those of you who wish to turn very large hollow forms and big bowls and platters, we have introduced the Colossus Gripper Jaws. Based on the well established design of our very popular G type gripper jaws but offering a greatly increased work holding capacity for very large projects. The jaws will expand into a 150mm(6") dovetailed recess or grip onto a spigot of approximately 125mm(5") in diameter. Perfect for those large unseasoned logs you may want to turn into an objet d'art.


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Челюсти за струг COLOSSUS 150MM

Челюсти за струг COLOSSUS 150MM

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