Челюсти за струг оребрени Piranha 114mm

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Челюсти за струг оребрени Piranha 114mm Expand

  • Piranha jaws 114mm for Evolution chuck
  • A versatile jaw set offering large gripping surfaces
  • Internal/external dovetail gripping
  • Recommended range: 62-80mm internal, 85-103mm external

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A very versatile 114mm jaw set designed for the Evolution chucks but also suitable for use with the SK100.The Piranha jaws expand into a 82mm dovetailed recess and have a series of teeth for an internal grip onto a 62mm spigot diameter. These given dimensions are when the jaws form a true circle and offer the best grip. Recommended range: 62-80mm internal, 85-102mm external. An excellent choice for hollow forms or turning unseasoned timber, these jaws also allow good access to the rear of your projects while still mounted on the lathe.


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Челюсти за струг оребрени Piranha 114mm

Челюсти за струг оребрени Piranha 114mm

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