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    Hermes VC152 Decorator's Mate Abrasive

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    48,10 лв.
    • Sharp Aluminum oxide grain and open coating mean high stock removal rates
    • Low loading characteristics, less clogging, longer life
    • Materials abraded have a very good surface quality
    • Flexible paper backing, tear resistant
    • Choice of 3 grits to suit most applications
    • Best used for woods and lacquers, also suitable for metals and composites
    Abrasive Grit


    Open face and free cutting the VC152 abrasive is the perfect partner for painting and decorating preparation. Staying sharp and clean for longer when sanding painted surfaces means that you get the job done quicker with less paper. You can cut 230mm lengths for 1/2 sheet sanders. Supplied in convenient 10 metre rolls you can take off as much or little as you want from the centre and keep the rest neat and tidy to the last strip.-bg

    Подробности за продукта

    Абразивна подложка
    Абразивен материал
    Aluminium Oxide
    Дължина на абразивната ролка
    10 m
    Ширина на абразивната ролка
    115 mm
    Тип абразив
    VC 152

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