Hermes CR456Z Ceramic Cloth Belt 50 x 785mm ➤ • Топ цена •

    Hermes CR456Z Ceramic Cloth Belt 50 x 785mm

    Централен склад: Доставка 7-10 раб. дни!
    23,72 лв.
    • Highly economical due to low overall grinding costs
    • Tough and sharp ceramic grain provides high stock removal rates and long tool life
    • Low grinding temperatures due to the additional Procut coating
    • Highly tear-resistant polyester backing with low elongation provides high belt stability
    Abrasive Grit


    Especially good for grinding of all metals, especially corrosion and acid resistant stainless steels, titanium, and Ni- and Co-based alloys. It is also good for deburring of sharp-edged castings and stampings out of stainless steel, tool steel, titanium, nickel and chromium cobalt based alloys on stationary grinding machines. Recommended for dry applications at low grinding pressures.-bg

    Подробности за продукта

    Абразивна подложка
    Абразивен материал
    Тип абразив
    CR 456 Z
    Дължина на абразивния колан
    785 mm
    Ширина на абразивния колан
    50 mm

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