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    Fuji Xpc Air Caps

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    224,94 лв.
    • Sizes from 0.7mm (.027") to 2.2mm (.086")
    • The smallest is suitable for inks, shading and mist coats
    • The largest is great for spraying large surfaces
    • For Xpc Spray gun only
    Aircap Size


    Finest 0.7mm (.027") size Aircap Set for finest atomization. Suitable for inks, shading, mist coats and spray tanning. Fine 1mm (.039") size Aircap Set for finer atomization. Suitable for most water-based lacquers and shading. Standard 1.4mm (.055") is installed in all Xpc spray guns. Aircap Set is perfect for most fine finishing. High output 1.8mm (.070") Aircap Set for faster coverage of large areas with any type of paint. Extra high output 2.2mm (.086"). Great for spraying large surfaces such as walls with emulsions. Expect some slight texture. For Xpc spray gun only - does not fit older Fuji spray guns.-bg

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