Flexipads Scruff Balls

    Flexipads Scruff Balls

    • For use with mains or cordless drills
    • Non-woven nylon coated with abrasive
    • Shape and flexibility allows use on many surfaces
    • Available in three grades
    • Medium and finer grades are great for cleaning rusted tools
    • Produce a satin or matt finish on metal
    • Smooth and prepare a surface prior to final polishing
    • Eye protection must be worn
    • Maximum recommended speed 5,000rpm
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    Each Scruff ball consists of a spherical shaped non-woven nylon mop made up of aluminium oxide abrasive discs. The shape and a certain amount of flexibility means you can use them on many different profiled shapes and surfaces. Available in three grades. Mainly intended for use on metals although some interesting effects can be achieved when used on wood. The most widely used applications are producing a satin or matt finish on metal, or smoothing and preparing the surface prior to final polishing with compound and cotton mops. Maximum recommended speeds of 5,000rpm. Eye protection must be worn.-bg

    Подробности за продукта

    Mop Width
    40 mm to 45 mm
    Mop Diameter
    75 mm

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