Flap Wheels

    Flap Wheels

    • For cleaning anything from rusty gates to car body wings
    • Abrasive paper bonded to a circular bobbin
    • Intended for use on hard materials
    • 60mm diameter, 6mm arbor
    • Available in three grits
    Abrasive Grit
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    These drill mounted flap wheels are ideal for cleaning up anything from rusty gates to car body wings. As the abrasive is worn away a newly exposed edge appears, extending the life considerably. Although intended for use on hard materials they can, with care, be used on timber and other soft materials. There are three grades available, all 60mm diameter by 30mm deep and mounted on a 6mm arbor. Choose either 40, 60 or 80 grit, maximum speed is 11,500 rpm.-bg

    Подробности за продукта

    Abrasive Material
    Aluminium Oxide
    Shank Diameter
    6 mm
    Abrasive Grit

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