Micro-Mesh Flexi Files

    Micro-Mesh Flexi Files

    • Flexible files for many uses
    • Micro-Mesh abrasive leaves a highly polished surface
    • Perfect for hobbies and crafts when deburring or polishing is required
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    Micro-Mesh is a unique cushioned abrasive that produces a very fine and uniform scratch pattern. Flexi Files are padded boards which are coated with Micro-Mesh. The design offers a gentle surface which helps to produce a smooth finish and a degree of flexibility allows the board to take the shape of the item being worked on. 2-way 16 x 150mm Flexi Files have a different grit on each side for rapid stock removal. Use to deburr, smooth and polish small metal areas. Available individually. 1. 100MX / 150MX - equivalent to 200/240 grit 3-way 13 x 150mm Flexi Files have 3 different grades to give a very smooth final finish. The finest grade is the 12,000 which covers one side of the file, making this Flexi File ideal for polishing many surfaces. Use in this order: PINK: 2,400, WHITE: 4,000, GREY: 12,000. Available individually. 4-way 13 x 150mm Flexi Files have 4 different grades to give a very smooth final finish, ranging from the 180MX grade for rapid stock removal through to 12,000 grade, for final polishing. Use in this order: BLACK: 180MX, PINK: 2,400, WHITE: 4,000, GREY: 12,000 (finest). Available individually.

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    Abrasive Backing
    Abrasive Material
    Silicon Carbide

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