Lie-Nielsen Improved Chipbreakers

Lie-Nielsen Improved Chipbreakers

  • Machined and ground as opposed to the usual pressing
  • 3.2mm(1/8") thick
  • Very solid, supplied with the chipbreaker screw
  • All Lie-Nielsen planes from 2003 onwards are already fitted with improved chip breakers
Plane Blade Width
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A big part of a chipbreaker's function is to dampen vibration, but chipbreakers on most metal bench planes are usually quite thin. These improved chipbreakers are machined and ground as opposed to the usual pressing. A full 3.2mm(1/8") thick with a 0.4mm(.015") lip ground at a 1° angle to provide excellent contact between the leading edge of the chipbreaker and the blade. They are very solid and each is supplied with the chipbreaker screw. All Lie-Nielsen planes from 2003 onwards will already be fitted with one of these chip breakers. Why not upgrade your existing Record or Stanley plane and enhance its performance?

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