Hermes Finenet FN 915 150mm Wet & Dry Disc - 1835 -
    Hermes Finenet FN 915 150mm Wet & Dry Disc - 1835 -

    Hermes FN 915 FineNet Wet & Dry Disc 150mm

    • Silicon Carbide resin bonded onto foam backed net
    • Net structure for efficient dust extraction when used dry
    • Use wet or dry; hook and loop allows easy changes
    Abrasive Grit

    Hermes FineNet is has three layers. The hook and loop backing offers easy changing of the abrasive and allows the re-use of partially used abrasive, ensuring you can get the full working life out of every piece. The working side is an open, flexible net structure coated with silicon carbide grit. The net structure ensures efficient extraction of dust and sanding debris with your machine hooked up to a vacuum. Sandwiched between these two is a 4.8mm thick layer of special foam. This foam layer performs several functions. It adapts to contoured surfaces, high and low, meaning all areas receive equal treatment. The foam facilitates "gentle" sanding, reducing the risk of sanding through surface coatings. It reduces dust build-up on the sanded surface as the foam layer absorbs dust, as well as allowing vacuum extraction. When wet sanding the foam acts as a reservoir for water and helps improve performance. Hermes FineNet FN 915 is ideal for preparing surfaces for painting or polishing. It is used in a range of industries from furniture to automotive. The abrasive is highly effective on flat surfaces and adapts to contoured workpieces. Its features ensure a longer effective working life; this combined with its versatility makes it highly economical. Sold individually
    Abrasive Backing
    Hook and loop
    Abrasive Material
    Silicon Carbide
    Abrasive Type
    FN 915
    Abrasive Disc Diameter
    150 mm
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