Double Edged Disposable Planer Knives - 229 -
    Double Edged Disposable Planer Knives - 229 -

    Axcaliber Double Edged Disposable Planer Knives

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    • Disposable double edged solid carbide knives
    • 82mm and 80.5mm lengths available to fit popular machines
    • Double edged for longer life
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    Most modern portable planers come ready fitted with disposable double edged solid carbide knives. The rotational speed of the cutter block enables a high class of finish to be achieved, even with such a thin blade. Gone are the days of having to sharpen and then laboriously reset and recheck large high speed steel knives. As can be appreciated there are only a handful of manufacturers in the world who make this type of knife, so all power tool makers buy them from limited sources with the result that the knives are a universal size and fit most makes of machine other than some DeWalt Planers and the Elu MFF81 which take 80.5mm long knives, all others in our range use 82mm. Please note: brand may vary, if substituted the quality will be the same.

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