Bagpress BPPN17 Vacuum Kit - 4165 -

    Bagpress BPPN17 Vacuum Kit

    • Uses standard compressor, only 4cfm required
    • No expensive vacuum pump needed
    • Large capacity 800 x 1300mm bag as standard
    • Even clamping pressure over whole surfaces
    • Achieves up to 70% vacuum in 2 minutes (approximately 7 tons m²)
    • Storage tube included


    Vacuum pressing is the most effective way to clamp veneering work and light weight laminations, providing an even and massive clamping pressure over the whole surface. By extracting the air from the vacuum bag and creating a vacuum the full weight of atmospheric pressure bears down on the contents of the bag exerting an evenly distributed pressure of around 7 tons per square meter. By using your own standard air compressor instead of an expensive vacuum pump the cost of the unit is minimised while the effectiveness of operation is not. Needing only 0.9 cfm @ 6 Bar to function, a standard compressor of around 1 hp is all that's necessary to develop 70% vacuum in only 2 minutes. The large capacity 800 x 1300mm vacuum bag is supplied as standard and will accommodate any small project. If you are laminating with a vacuum press it is only necessary to provide a one piece former as the vacuum bag will provide an even pressure as it moulds the timber into the shape of the former.

    Product Details

    Bag Size
    800 mm x 1,300 mm


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