Axcaliber Flush Trim Router Cutters Top Bearing - 1/2 Shank - 974...

    Axcaliber Flush Trim Router Cutters Top Bearing - 1/2" Shank

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    • Perfect cutter for template routing
    • Bearing diameter matches cutter diameter
    • Using template above the work improves visibility
    • Precision made cutters on multi axis CNC machines
    • High shear-cut angle for cleaner finish
    • PTFE coating helps minimise resin build-up
    • 1/2"(12.7mm) shanks
    D = Overall Diameter
    X = Depth of Cut


    These cutters have a bearing guide located on the shank. The bearing is the exact same diameter as the cutter. These are perfect for template work. With a template attached on top of the workpiece, the cutting edges remove excess material to leave an exact duplicate of the template. Using the template above the work piece improves visibility. Obviously when using these cutters on a router table, the template is needs to be on the underside of the workpiece. Axcaliber router cutters are high precision tooling, made using advanced technology on multi axis CNC machines. A high shear-cut angle gives them a smooth cutting action and results in a clean finish. The tips are diamond-ground micrograin tungsten carbide. PTFE coating minimises resin build-up.

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