Artist Brush Set - 4292 - - 12...
    Artist Brush Set - 4292 - - 12...
    Artist Brush Set - 4292 - - 12...

    Axminster Workshop 12 Piece Artist's Brush Set

    • 12 brushes; from 2mm to 8mm diameter
    • Excellent for painting camouflage over repair jobs
    • Synthetic tapered bristles for easy brush control


    A size graduated set of 12 artist's brushes ranging from size 1 at 2mm diameter to size 12 at 8mm diameter finished in a 'Water Colour' style brush with white synthetic tapered bristle. These brushes give good resilience and are excellent for all those painting in jobs to camouflage repairs and areas of filler. Using Earth Pigment suspended in French polish you can draw in the grain figure of the surrounding wood to disguise the otherwise featureless surface of the filler. They also work well with the acrylic artist's colours and gouache if you want to exercise your true artistic talents.

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