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    Decorative Polyester Round Pen Blanks

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    • Turn your pen kits into unique writing instruments
    • Turn your absorbing hobby to produce very acceptable gifts
    • Blanks are 150 x 20mm
    • 211363 blank is 150 x 25mm
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    Turn your pen kits into unique writing instruments which everyone will want. With these spectacular 150 x 20mm pen blanks highly individual designs will emerge as you cut and polish your way to a beautiful barrel in which to mount your pen kit. The Ebony Polyester blank is available with either 20mm(211362) or 25mm(211363) diameter. This is the way to turn your absorbing hobby into very acceptable gifts or exceptionally saleable items, which will 'jump off the shelf' particularly if you fit them into one of the purpose made gift boxes from Axminster. For best results: Drill - on a slow speed, a pillar drill is best, keep the swarf clear and lubricate the cut with water to keep it cool. Lip and spur bits hold centre best but support your blank on a sacrificial board to eliminate untidy break out and careful as you go.Turn - using a scraper or skew chisel on its side with a gentle handle high action. Finish Sand - dry to 400 grit working through the grits - followed by wet sanding using Micro-Mesh abrasives or fine wet and dry abrasive to a high gloss finish. The biggest difficulty you will have is keeping the finished pen!-bg

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    150 mm x 20 mm

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