Axminster Trade AT310T2 310mm...
Axminster Trade AT310T2 310mm...
Axminster Trade AT310T2 310mm...
Axminster Trade AT310T2 310mm...
Axminster Trade AT310T2 310mm...
Axminster Trade AT310T2 310mm...
Axminster Trade AT310T2 310mm...
Axminster Trade AT310T2 310mm...

Axminster Trade AT310T2 310mm Thicknesser

  • Compact sized machine very suitable for a small workshop
  • Cast iron frame and welded steel body give high strength
  • 4 row helical cutter block with 56 TCT indexing cutters
  • Large table with support rollers, fitted with digital height gauge
  • Integrated guard/dust hood with interlocked safety switch
  • Perfect for uniform board production or frame making


For the production of boards or frames to a uniform size, a thicknesser is unbeatable. This compact machine has strength in abundance with a cast iron frame and table, supported by a welded steel chassis. This machine is powered by a 2.2kW induction motor, driving the cutter block by a multi vee-type belt, with the feed rollers with a tensioned chain drive. The table is supported by a generous single column, has a digital height gauge and can be locked into position. The table also has support rollers at each end. The cutter block is the increasingly popular helical type, this one having 4 rows of 14 indexing TCT cutters, giving an almost perfect finish. Each cutter is slightly angled to produce a shear cut and has 4 curved edges, so can simply be revolved to a fresh edge when required. If one or more cutter is damaged, then simply replace. Each edge lasts up to 10 times the expected life of an HSS blade, so downtime for changing knives is much reduced. Also, no setting is required, saving more time and guaranteeing accuracy. The combination of the angled cutter and curved edge is much kinder on the timber than traditional square cutters. Even heavily figured timber presents no issues with tear-out. There are two other main benefits of this type of cutter block: much lower noise, and much reduced power required to drive it, reducing the load on the motor and drive belt. The waste chips are much more uniform, being easier to extract and packing more into your extractor's waste container. This is a compact machine, but capable of handling quite large board runs or use for sizing frames or beams. N.B 16A 230V plug fitted.-bg

Подробности за продукта

Overall L x W x H
1,050 mm x 610 mm x 1,020 mm
Max Planing Width
310 mm
TC Spur Cutters x 56
Max Thicknessing Capacity
310 mm
Dust Extraction Outlet
125 mm
Plug Fitted
UK 16A Plug
2.2 kW
Feed Speed
6 m/min
Nett Weight
Min Extraction Airflow Required
1,300 m³/hr
Sound Power Level LWA [Uncertainty K]
84 dB(A)
230 V
Cutterblock Speed
4,050 rpm
Cuts per Minute
Cutterblock Diameter
95 mm
Length of Table
Max Depth of Cut Thicknesser
5.0 mm

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