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    Axminster Craft 150mm Nylon Abrasive Wheel Plain Bore - Fine

    Централен склад: Доставка 7-10 раб. дни!
    67,79 лв.
    • Non-woven nylon, coated with aluminium oxide
    • Open structure: no clogging up
    • Flexible, will conform to curved surfaces
    • Prepare a surface prior to the start of polishing
    • Fine grade leaves satin or matt finish on metal
    • Helps clean and revive metal surfaces
    • 12.7mm plain bore, for direct mounting onto a shaft
    • Wear eye protection


    The mops consist of an unwoven web of nylon fibres, with a coating of aluminium oxide abrasive particles. The nylon web is both highly flexible and strong with a long working life. Gradual wear exposes new abrasive material, giving a constant and effective abrasive action. The fine grade removes marks left by the medium mop or scratches from hand sanding. They are very useful in the preparation of a metal surface and greatly speed up the beginning of the polishing process. The nylon’s flexibility allows you to use these mops on curved surfaces. They are great for further smoothing and refining the surface. Fine nylon abrasive mops are ideal for creating a satin or matt finish on stainless steel etc. These mops have a 12.7mm (1/2") plain bore, designed for direct mounting onto the Axminster Craft AC150BB 150mm buffing machine. They can, of course, fit onto any similarly designed 12.7mm (1/2") or 13mm shaft. They are not suitable for use with a pigtail type mounting. The thickness of these mops is approximately 45mm. Wear eye protection.-bg

    Подробности за продукта

    Ширина на мопа
    40 mm to 45 mm
    Диаметър на мопа
    150 mm

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