Axminster Barrel Plug Cutters ➤ • Топ цена •

    Axminster Barrel Plug Cutters

    Централен склад: Доставка 7-10 раб. дни!
    29,44 лв.
    • For cutting plugs and short dowels up to 50mm in length
    • Timber can be matched to cover screw heads etc
    • Also for decoration
    • Clean cutting and easy plug removal
    • For use in drill presses only
    Plug Diameter


    These barrel cutters will cut plugs and short dowels up to 50mm in length, when matched with a corresponding drill they can be used to cover screw holes or make a small repair in damaged timber, they also make a good decorative plug. Designed for use in a drill press they give a very clean cut.-bg

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