Axminster Bed Bolt Nuts (Pkt 2)

18,00 лв.
  • Traditional way of joining the bed rails to legs
  • Forms a very strong, neat joint
  • Joint can be re-tightened at any time and easily dismantled
  • Very effective method of joining a workbench together
  • M10 steel nuts 20mm diameter x 20mm long
  • M10 brass nuts 24.5mm diameter x 22mm long
  • M12 brass nuts 24.5mm diameter x 25mm long
  • Sold as a pack of 2, bolts not included.


Made in our own engineering workshops. These nuts are a traditional way of joining a bed's side-rail to the leg. The nut is set into the rail and a bolt passed through the leg, into the end of the rail and into the nut. Generally the only other addition to the joint is a short dowel to maintain alignment. This method forms a very strong and neat joint that can be re-tightened at any time to take into account seasonal movement of the timber or the joint. At the same time it is easy to dismantle when moving house for example. This method is equally effective for joining the rails of a workbench to its legs. The smaller brass nuts have dimensions 24.5mm diameter (clearance in a 25mm hole), 22mm in length and tapped M10. The larger: 24.5mm diameter, 25mm long and tapped M12. The steel nuts are 20mm in both length and diameter, tapped M10. Sold as a pack of 2, bolts not included.-bg

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