Whitehill Universal Moulding Block1

Whitehill Universal Moulding Block1

  • A truly universal 100mm spindle moulder block
  • Accepts most standard cutters including the range of 55mm Whitehill cutters
  • Will also accept blank cutter knives
  • Recessed for flush mounting with a countersunk head screw
  • Material can be passed over the top of the cutter head
  • The use of limiters is an essential safety precaution
  • Countersunk set screws available in sizes 12mm, 14mm and 16mm for when cutting over the block
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This truly universal 100mm diameter spindle moulder block will accept most of the standard cutters from Whitehill, Trend, KWO, Bruck, Kity, CMT etc., together with the comprehensive range of 55mm wide cutters shown in this section as well as custom made cutter knives for special profiles. A further advantage is that the reversible washer allows for mounting on the machine with a conventional nut or, where the arbor has a tapped hole, flush mounting with the use of a countersunk head screw. This flush mounting of the cutter head allows material to be passed over the top of the cutter head when being used for deep rebating, profiling tenons and so on. Countersunk set screws are available in sizes of 12mm, 14mm and 16mm for use when cutting over the block. The block is supplied with a washer and hexagon key but without cutters or limiters. Limiters, which are an essential safety item, are dummy cutters with the profile cut slightly below the cutter profile and with the sharp edges removed. They are positioned in front of the main cutters and limit the amount of material removed at each pass of the cutter.-bg

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