100mm Cylinder Jaws

156,00 лв.
  • Made in Axminster using CNC techniques
  • Pair of cylindrical jaws for long, thin blanks
  • Grips blank along a substantial length
  • Small size, 25mm diameter by 50mm long bore
  • Large size, 50mm diameter by 50mm long bore
  • Accommodates a range of workpiece sizes
  • Internal and external dovetails on ends
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When turning long and thin projects it's a great advantage to be able to grip a blank along a substantial amount of its length to impart a good measure of stability to the workpiece. To overcome this problem we have designed a pair of cylindrical jaws, one with a 25mm diameter by 50mm long bore and the other with a 50mm diameter by 50mm long bore to accommodate a range of workpiece sizes. In addition, because we are always loath to provide you with jaws which perform only one function, we have added internal and external dovetails on the ends. Suitable for 100mm and 114mm chucks only. N.B. The finish may be either silver or black due to changes in legislation regarding passive zinc plating.-bg

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