Lazy Susan Bearing

8,00 лв.
  • Lazy Susans - two pieces of decorative wood turned and joined by a bearing
  • Available in five sizes and two shapes
  • 75, 100 & 150mm - square
  • 225 & 300mm - round


It seems one of the most intriguing and fun items that a turner can make, is a Lazy Susan. Essentially two pieces of decorative wood turned and joined by a bearing sandwiched between them, allowing the top disc to revolve relative to the lower one. Made by Triangle manufacturing from America, these Lazy Susan bearings can be use for many different projects. They come in five sizes and two shapes, the larger bearings being round and the smaller square. Greased bearings offer a quieter, smoother turn and prevents over spin. All made in the USA. 844075 - balanced load - 90kg, suggested turntable size - up to 18" 844100 - balanced load - 136kg, suggested turntable size - 12-25" 844150/102983 - balanced load - 226kg, suggested turntable size - 15-30" 844225/102984 - balanced load - 340kg, suggested turntable size - 17-35" 844300/102985 - balanced load - 453kg, suggested turntable size - 20" upwards-bg

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