Woodcut Irons Shear Cutter
Woodcut Irons Shear Cutter
Woodcut Irons Shear Cutter
Woodcut Irons Shear Cutter

Woodcut Irons Shear Cutter

  • Finishing tool for exterior of hollow forms and bowls
  • Substantially reduces sanding on end and side grain
  • Gently curved edge minimises vibration
  • Cutter 40mm wide and 1.5mm thick
  • Triangular cutter gives three sharp edges
  • Simply rotate for fresh cutting edge
  • 300mm shaft fits into the Woodcut Pro-Forme Handle
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The Irons Shear Scraper is the result of collaboration between Woodcut and renowned woodturner Phil Irons. It is a finishing tool, designed mainly for the exterior of hollow forms and bowls. The design is very effective with reducing torn grain, as often happens with side grain of bowl blanks. The cutter is quite substantial at 40mm wide and 1.5mm thick, mounted on a 300mm long steel shaft that fits into the Woodcut Pro-Forme handle. The gently curved profile of the cutter’s edges greatly minimise vibration as it cuts. The cutter, being triangular, offers three sharp edges, as one becomes dull simply rotate to a fresh edge. Work can proceed without needing to resort to a sharpening system. When required, sharpening is easy, using a diamond file or diamond hone. Alternatively, mount the cutter on the Woodcut Stem Sharpener and use a CBN wheel on a bench grinder (please note, a standard grinder white wheel is not suitable).-bg

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