90 & 45 Degree Approach Boring Bars
90 & 45 Degree Approach Boring Bars

90 & 45 Degree Approach Boring Bars

  • Round boring bars in held in square holders
  • Boring bits fit into square holes with grub screws
  • Two sizes - 340630: 1/2" square bar, 2.1/4" long and 340649: 5/8" square bar, 2.1/2" long
Bar Size


English pattern boring bar holders with square holes for the boring bit, 90° at one end and 45° at the other. Manufactured from good quality steel with a square body. The ability to vary the length of the boring bit and to rotate the tool in the holder make them very flexible in use. 340630 is a 1/2" square bar, 2.1/4" long, holding a 4.1/2" long by 3/8" diameter boring bar with 1/8" square holes for the toolbit. 340649 is a 5/8" square bar, 2.1/2" long, holding a 5.1/2" long by 7/16" diameter boring bar with 3/16" tool bit holes. N.B. Tool bits made from 5% cobalt tool steel need to be purchased separately.-bg

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