Axcaliber High Carbon Back Tooth Bandsaw Blades

28,00 лв.
  • Manufactured in Axminster using advanced CNC machining
  • Detailed quality checks are performed at each stage of manufacture
  • We guarantee our weld against breakage
  • This blade is designed for curved work and has back teeth to clear the cut
  • Can cut a much tighter curve than regular blades
  • Will not damage the machine's thrust guides
Bandsaw Blade Length


Woodturners often prepare their own blank, which is where the Axcaliber Back Tooth Blade becomes particularly useful, as they have been specifically developed for curvature cutting. The teeth on the rear of the blade are not sharp to handle but have the effect of clearing the back of the cut by widening the kerf, enabling a much tighter curve to be cut making them an ideal choice for preparing timber for the lathe. Available only in one size, 5/16", 4tpi skip tooth configuration; choose the correct size for your machine or alternatively contact our Special Sales Team for a blade made to your requirements.-bg

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