Leigh FMT Pro Mortice & Tenon Jig

3 067,00 лв.
  • Over 70 sizes of mortises and tenons
  • Optional standard joint guides available in 6mm , 10mm and 12mm (8mm included with jig) (Metric version)
  • Maximum joint size) 12mm x 125mm (Metric version)
  • Double, triple and quadruple joints
  • Easily recorded, repeatable joint tightness adjustment
  • Angled and compound angled joints
  • Works with virtually any plunge router
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The Leigh FMT Pro is an outstanding product with superb build quality. No other jig or method can match the ease, versatility and absolute precision of the FMT Pro. This jig brings the possibility of professional quality mortice and tenon joints to any workshop and any woodworker. Mortice and Tenon joints routed on the FMT Pro are immensely strong and virtually indestructible. This centuries-old joint is the thoroughbred of all woodworking joints and is used in fine furniture and cabinetmaking everywhere. Bench mounted, this jig takes up little room in the workshop and is always readily available for use with little setting up. All makes of router can be fitted to the jig using the routers side fence rod clamps. This system allows the router to be quickly fitted to or removed from the jig, no need for a dedicated router. N.B.The FMT Pro is available in metric version only and all optional guide sets are compatible with both the FMT Pro and Super FMT models Standard Equipment Universal sub-base that attaches to virtually any plunge router Six standard joint guides 8mm x 15mm , 20mm , 25mm , 30mm , 35mm , 40mm (Metric version) Joint guide stand Leigh 170-500 5/16"(8mm) HSS spiral upcut bit 1/2" shan Two cam-action speed clamps Adjustable sidestop fence for tenoning Two outrigger bars Screwdrivers and mounting hardware Illustrated user guide-bg

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