Абрихт щрайхмус Axminster Trade Series AT107PT

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  • Trade rated planer thicknesser substantially constructed from cast iron and welded steel
  • Cast iron tables and tilting alloy fence offer exceptional accuracy and stability
  • 3-knife cutter block gives a very clean finish to the work
  • Supplied with 1mm self-setting HSS knives and holders for 3mm TCT knives
  • Pivoting dust extraction hood operates in thicknessing and surfacing modes
  • Both tables are adjustable and electrically interlocked for safety
  • Extended support roller on thicknessing table
  • Spiral cutter block version also available, using unique "shear cut" knives

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This is a nicely designed planer thicknesser, especially suited to the trade workshop or discerning home user. Constructed from cast iron and heavy gauge welded steel, it is robust and will withstand heavy usage on a daily basis. The cast iron surfacing tables have heavy ribbing underneath to maintain flatness and, unusually, both tables are completely adjustable to the blades to avoid sniping. The tables hinge independently and have up-stop latches to hold them securely when thicknessing. The thicknessing table is easy to adjust with a smooth mechanism and it has a position lock which prevents any movement. The 3-knife cutter block has quick change HSS knives as standard; these are self-setting, razor sharp and will give a superb finish. Also included is a set of holders for standard 3mm thick knives, available in either HSS or TCT. There is a power feed engagement lever for use when thicknessing; the 5m/min feed speed ensures a smooth, even finish. When surface planing, the long rigid alloy fence supports your work securely, the fence being easily adjustable with stops for 90° and 45°. Brackets are mounted on the rear of the machine to store the fence when not in use. Chip extraction is via a hinging flip-over hood which is electrically interlocked for safety. 
Also available is a version fitted with a spiral blade cutter block. This uses 14mm x 2.5mm 4-sided TCT spur type cutters, 44 in all arranged over four rows. These cutters are unique in that the edges are machined to a radius of 102mm; this coupled with how they are set on the block means that a shear type cut is achieved. There are several advantages of this type of cutter block. Durability: each edge will last around ten times longer than a HSS knife and you have four edges per cutter. Noise: spiral cutter blocks are notably quieter in use, up to 50% with some timbers. Power: because of their shear type cutter action, the power saving can be as much as 30%, meaning much less strain on the machine and lower running costs. Your extraction will be more efficient because of the even shape of the chips, packing more into the waste sack.
The only disadvantage of this cutter block is that the finish is not quite as good as a can be achieved with a fresh set of HSS knives, but if your work involves large batch production with sanding as a finishing procedure, then this system is unbeatable.N.B. 16A supply required.


Скорост на подаване5m/min
Сряза в минута1400
Макс. дълбочина4mm
Макс. ширина260mm
Макс. дебелина190mm
Мощност2.2kW 230V 1ph
Изход за прахоуловител100 мм.
Ниво на шума89Db
Размери L X W X H1,100 x 660 x 94mm


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Абрихт щрайхмус Axminster Trade Series AT107PT

Абрихт щрайхмус Axminster Trade Series AT107PT

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