Liberon Palette Wood Dye

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  • Water based acrylic dye
  • Good light resistance
  • Suitable for use on most new or stripped woods
  • Slower drying time, an advantage on larger flat areas
  • Available in wood or colours
  • EN 71 approved - Safe for toys
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Low odour Palette Wood Dye is a water based acrylic dye with good light resistance and a formula suitable for use on most new or stripped woods. Being water based it is slower to dry than spirit or oil based dyes, an advantage on larger flat areas, as the dye is easy to work and equalise resulting in a uniform surface. Available in wood colours, all of which can be mixed to give intermediate colours or altered by the addition of concentrated water soluble dyes (approximate coverage 500ml to 4 - 6m²).-bg

Подробности за продукта

Application Method
Brush \ Foam Applicator
Clean Up
Drying Time
2 hours
8 m² to 16 m² per litre

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