Liberon Wax Filler Sticks

15,00 лв.
  • Available in 14 shades
  • Easy to use
  • Hardens in a few seconds
  • Colours can be mixed


These sticks, in a range of 14 different shades, are the modern equivalent of the traditional cabinetmaker's Beaumontage. They are very easy to use, simply shave a small piece off, soften it by kneading between the fingers and then press into the crack or hole. Leave for a few seconds to harden and then either shave off any excess with a scalpel or buff the excess away with a cotton cloth. Large cracks can be filled by running the wax in using either a hot knife to melt or Wax & Polish Remover to soften the stick. On no account use a naked flame. Colour description is for guidance only, if you can't find a colour, they can be mixed. Supplied as individual sticks of 50g.-bg

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