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Aquamac 21 Door Seal Aquamac 21 Door Seal 2
Door and Window Seal-bg

Aquamac 21 Door Seal

42,00 лв.
Ideal for retrofitting draft stripping to draughty doorsSimple but effective wiping seal fitted into rebateReduces draughts to a minimumRetains shape for a consistently high standard of weathersealImpervious to paint and stain for reduced maintenance costsQuick and easy to fitUnaffected by by rot, mould or mildewAvailable in white or bronze in 10 metre or...
Aquamac 63 Weatherseal Aquamac 63 Weatherseal 2
Door and Window Seal-bg

Aquamac 63 Weatherseal

35,00 лв.
Seals windows against air and water infiltrationPopular draught excluder used in window face rebateReduces draughts and improves energy efficiencyDoesn’t shrink or stretch, even in extreme climatic conditionsImpervious to paint and stainUnaffected by rot, mould or mildewExcellent shape memory- retains its original shape year after yearAvailable in white...
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