3M Gas and Vapour Filter Cartridges

3M Gas and Vapour Filter Cartridges

  • Filters fit directly to the 6000 or 7500 series respirator
  • 6051 protects against organic vapours with an A1 protection level
  • 6059 for organic vapours, inorganic gases, acid gases and ammonia
  • 6055 for organic vapours with an A2 protection level
  • Can be used combined with the 5000 series dust filter by using filter retainer
  • 8 supplied (4 pairs)
Filter Type


Filters fit directly to 6000 or 7500 series respirator. Use in combination with 5000 particulate filters with filter retainers. 6051 Organic vapours (A1 protection level). 6059 ABEK1 for organic vapours, in-organic gases, acid gases and ammonia. 6055 Organic vapours with an A2 protection level. 6051, 6055 (EN14387:2004) 6059 (EN141:2000) *Please note the information is for guidance purposes only. A proper risk assessment by qualified personnel should be carried out before selecting an appropriate filter cartridge.-bg

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