Чук Picture Framer's/Glazier's

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Чук Picture Framer's/Glazier's Expand

  • Stainless steel head with rotating triangular face
  • One face flattens against the glass
  • Driving head slides on the glass or picture backing
  • Hold the handle at a convenient angle
  • Weight 130g, 270mm long

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57,06 лв

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This hammer’s hardened stainless-steel head has a rotating triangular face opposing a standard cylindrical face. As you rest the hammer head on the glass, one of the triangular faces flattens against the glass. This makes it easy to drive pins, brads or points, as you can hold the handle at any angle. Use the round face for pinning corners or flattening glazing points or for general work. Weighs 130g and is 270mm long.


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Чук Picture Framer's/Glazier's

Чук Picture Framer's/Glazier's

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