Фрезер 20мм за PGS UJK



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UJK Technology D/G 20mm Cutter For Parf Guide System Expand
  • Replacement cutter for the Parf Guide System
  • Distinctive design ensures an exceptionally clean hole
  • Integral 3mm guide pin to locate in the pilot hole
  • Precision ground shank with 1/4" hex universal fitting
  • Suitable for all 1/4" hex quick-change systems including Festool CENTROTEC

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95,66 лв

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This cutter bores an exact 20mm hole as required by the Parf Guide System. The distinctive design ensures an exceptionally clean hole. This bit will help you produce dozens of Parf Guide bench tops. It has tungsten carbide tips for a long lasting working life. This leading spike helps to keep it running true through the pilot holes. Twin spurs cut clean entry and exit holes. The main cutting edges remove the waste and their angle produces a shear cutting action at the sides. This action ensures the sides of the hole are a clean and snug fit for the Parf Dogs. Precision grinding of the round part of the shank guarantees an exact fit in the guide bush of the Parf Guide Block. The top of the shank is 1/4" hex universal fitting suitable for all 1/4" hex quick change systems including the Festool CENTROTEC. This feature greatly simplifies the process of moving the Parf Guide Block from one hole to the next. Importantly, it prevents the shank becoming burred by a drill chuck. 


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Фрезер 20мм за PGS UJK

Фрезер 20мм за PGS UJK

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