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UJK Technology Surface Cam Duck Clamps Expand

  • Screw it down, pull it round and lock it off
  • For secure clamping on bench tops, work boards or self-made jigs
  • Fast, easy to fix, don’t rely on bench dog holes
  • CNC machined resin laminate
  • Low profile, only 12mm thick

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17,82 лв

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There are certain situations in woodworking when workpieces defy conventional clamping methods. Finding a solution can often be a time consuming compromise and not always satisfactory. UJK Technology has come up with a unique answer to the age-old problem of clamping something onto a flat surface using side pressure. You may be lucky enough to own a bench with dog holes and a tail vice. However, sooner or later there will be an odd shaped or thin workpiece that presents a problem.

The Surface Cam Duck Clamp is a simple solution and, as they say, the simplest is often the best. CNC machined from 12mm thick solid compact laminate, these low profile Ducks will last a very long time. You can reuse them time and time again, whenever the need arises.


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Стяга Cam Duck UJK

Стяга Cam Duck UJK

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